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Friday, July 16, 2010

Akai Katana – New Shooter by CAVE

Via the GAF, by way of the CAVE-STG forum...

After taking a short respite with the more casual DeathSmiles titles, looks like the diehards over at CAVE are returning to the danmaku genre of shooters for which they’re best known.

While only featuring a background image and short trailer (with no gameplay), check-out the website for their new game: Akai Katana.

(You can also view the trailer on YouTube: Linku.)

News is currently scarce (not surprising for a CAVE title pre-location testing), but the game is set to test (in Japan) at HEY arcade this coming July 23 – 26, with a targeted release in August 2010.

Known info so far:
- Danmaku type horizontal scrolling shooting game
- Hardcore military shooter
- Each ship has a pair of characters (pilot and gunner?) with specific attacks
- Each ship changes its attacks when you change "mode"
- The characters (enemies, allies, and others - all human) are quite diverse
- Ships are designed as hardcore, 1950s style retro mechas
- Game is designed around destructible objects and dodging bullets
- It has been carefully developed for over 1 year.
- Release in summer/fall 2010

A new CAVE shooter, regardless of format, is always welcome news. We’ll almost certainly never see an actual U.S. arcade release, but a console port can be reasonably expected (whether even that would be officially available in the U.S. is another concern).

And on the topic of home ports: Sony, please get over whatever issue you’re having with old-skool (usually sub-HD) games and let companies like CAVE publish their titles for your overpriced Blu-ray player.


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