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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Haruhi on Blu-ray – My Wallet Bleeds

This isn’t the freshest of news, but well, welcome to the Internets!

As has been reported on other sites, the hyperactive (and possibly divine) schoolgirl that’s taken the Japanese-otaku populace by storm over the last few years is finally getting her anime-self a shiny Blu-ray release, set to hit retail on 10/22/2010...in Japan, that is.

Besides all 28 episodes covering both seasons of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (including the unfortunately awful "Endless Eight" portions), this Blu-ray box set also features two concerts and various other promotional materials filmed for the series.

Now, maybe your saying, “Why should I care: Moonspeak, I can’t understand you!” But you see, the generous (or greedy, depending on how you view things) fellows over at Kadokawa have decided to grace this release with English Subtitles (at least for the TV episodes, the extra material will probably remain Japanese-only).

Anyone willing to take an admittedly-steep plunge can reap a sweet harvest over at Amazon.co.jp, where all this can be yours for the unfathomably cheap price (compared to most Japanese anime releases) of ¥29,526…or roughly USD $340.

I mean, that’s not too bad? Right? Right?

Regardless, my order has been placed. The question, is whether it will remain open...


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