Junker Woland

Friday, June 01, 2007

Cho Aniki - New Super Brother Action

Look how happy they are, look! Can’t you just feel the intense brotherly love surging forth from Adon and Samson’s overly-manicured bodies?

That’s right friends, everyone’s favorite somewhat homoerotic video game franchise is returning in the form of a super-secret new project—Cho Aniki is back. As information is all but nonexistent, there’s really nothing more to do other than direct readers to the game’s splash page.

Seems a company named Extreme is holding the purse strings for this new outing; I’ve never heard of them myself, though it looks like they might have purchased Masaya’s catalogue. At the least, they appear to be responsible for getting Masaya’s games onto the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console.

Only time will tell whether we’ll see a full fledged retail game or something downloadable, but either way I’ll gladly accept another chance to play a new Cho Aniki. Hopefully whatever gets made is a step up from the previous installment, Legend of the Holy Protein, for the PS2; not that it was a bad game, per say, it just wasn’t all that super.