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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blade of the Immortal – Trailer

The first trailer for the much anticipated anime adaptation of Hiroaki Samura’s samurai epic, Blade of the Immortal, has finally hit the web.

Check it out: Linku

Personally, while I can appreciate the slick movement and clean visuals, I was hoping for a more ambitious design, one that would at least try and reflect the manga’s gritty illustrative style. Of course, it’s way too early to form any definitive opinions, but currently I’m setting my expectations for a relatively conventional show.


Persona 3 FES – Der Update

I hate myself, I really do.

My disgusting lack of conviction saw me handing the rosy-cheeked Gamestop cashier $30 (and driver’s license…apparently I’m still visually borderline on the old-enough-to-buy-mature-games scale) for a personally demoralizing copy of Persona 3 FES. I guess I can at least stand tall knowing I didn’t cave and buy the game twice, like certain US gamers undoubtedly did/will.

Ah well.

I only spent a slip of time with the title last night, running through the early introductory portion of the game so as to get it out of the way. Re-playing these inceptive areas (now in English) reminded me how much I wished Persona 3 had a snappier uptake, but all’s well once you break the crust and avail yourself of its meaty innards.

As an aside, I really dislike the English voices; so yes, I’m playing the game with voices turned off.

For those who’d like to tempt fate and chance a free copy of this quality title, head over to Joystiq and take part in their FES contest. You’ll need to leave a comment with a creative response to what “FES” stands for. I suggested “Fetid Equine Stool.”


Monday, April 21, 2008

Shuffle! Art Box – It’s a Go

Via FUNiRepBlue at the AnimeonDVD forums:
Hi guys!
We want to say a huge thank you for all the support so far on Shuffle! Because of you, the fans, Shuffle! has been a hit. We are pleased to announce we will be going forward with an ender box! The box will come with a volume 6 DVD and room for the other 5 volumes. Plus, there will be a premium item! Only one other FUNimation title has received an ender box to date: Samurai 7. Your voices were heard and your support is appreciated.
Go Shuffle!

Best regards,

Well, I can’t tell you how elated this makes me. I still remember the crushing anger felt upon seeing Shuffle! volume #1 solicited with no art box option, when right next to the sexy-fun show was a listing for Black Blood Brothers volume #1 with the much coveted illustrated housing.

So yes, Shuffle! volume #6 with box…now just keep buying this show you bastards, and buy the damn box as well. This one deserves it!


Persona 3 FES – The Bitch is Back

It’s been a while since my last post, gentle reader. How time flies. Seems like just last week I was writing about GaoGaiGar’s return and JAM Project’s much-anticipated American premier. Sadly, somewhere between hacking out a review for Yoshitaka Amano: The Collected Art of Vampire Hunter D and watching my Flyers struggle in the first round of the NHL playoffs, I lost my way on the murky road of unread blogs.

But now I’m back.

And at the very tippy top of my need-to-poke list is Atlus’ shipping-in-a-day release of Persona 3 FES. Ah, Atlus, how you spurned me with your deceptive promises of an unmolested Arcana Heart, only to reveal (through deep channels) after the disc hit retail that the Japanese voices were removed from the majority of the game, leaving this heart-filled tourney a depressing mute.

Know that I’m a fickle man, Atlus, and there’s a jilted otaku raging inside, screaming not to spend a single cent on Persona 3 FES—save the money, wait until a kind online soul lashes together their special bootleg replacing US voice acting with the jettisoned Japanese language track (yes, yes, I understand, disc size issues are the culprit for this unfortunate concession), and then fire-up ye ol’ data-bit aggregator to plunder my illicit spoils.

The thing is I’d always much rather buy an official product than resort to piracy, but nothing shakes my resolve more than feeling duped by a company, which is exactly the case with my two-week prior purchases of Arcana Heart. Had more time ebbed, feelings of distrust and spite might have dwindled; instead, the absolute last purchase I’d like to make right now is another Atlus title.

Of course, Atlus apparently presses games under the assumption the number of individuals intent on buying their products is equivalent to the population of a tiny village in the African savanna. So those who don’t rush to their local GameWhore retail shop within a fortnight of shipping are likely forced to contend with the sinister machinations of EBay…or just downloading the bastard for free.

Truth be told, I haven’t yet availed myself of Persona 3 in English (though I have slogged through it in Japanese). You see, this devilish tingle, a hellish sixth sense at the base of my spine hardened me against the initial versions, promising one day the tasty upgrade that is FES would see light on our dark shores. Some leaked voice castings eventually confirmed my suspicion and lo and behold, FES is basically here. The idea of wasting away a few hours submersed in this lovely game, replete with my own completely comprehendible native tongue, is an auspicious one, indeed. Too bad I currently bare so much ill will against Atlus and fear the possibility of more covert changes.

All I can think is the Mara will tell. Should it remain untouched in all its putrid-green, phallic glory, then at least some of my reservations will be abolished. Still, decisions, decisions….